Mission Statement:

  • Active Care Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, LTD. is a fully integrated healthcare practice conveniently located in downtown Arlington Heights. Utilizing chiropractic medicine, functional rehabilitation, acupuncture, and nutritional counseling, our physicians assist every patient in obtaining the highest level of function without the use of pharmaceuticals or surgery.


To accomplish this mission, the physicians at ACCR will:

  • Offer a diverse array of services
  • Emphasize continuing education for all physicians and therapists
  • Utilize current research and the most up-to-date treatments
  • Work together as a team, both in physician-physician relationships and as well as patients-physicians relationships
  • Participate in and support the communities we serve


ACCR utilizes the C.A.R.E. values in every day practice, which are as follows:

  • Compassion: We show empathy towards the needs of our patients through active listening to each patient’s individual story and engaged conversation. The reflective sensitivity towards the individual needs and beliefs of our patients creates the foundation for a trustworthy relationship.
  • Accountability:   As physicians, we have a responsibility to maintain the patient’s best interests as our highest priority.  In addition, the patient has the responsibility to be an active participant in his or her treatments. This check-and-balance system ensures the physician as well as the patient will be held accountable for obtaining the goals set at the commencement of treatment each phase of treatment.
  • Respect:  We promote respect through our consideration of each patient’s ideas, feelings, and needs. Qualities such as integrity, trust, and respect allow us to promote and maintain the productive doctor-patient relationship in all of our interactions.
  • Excellence:  We are committed to surpassing expectations to provide services of the highest quality. Our physicians continually take the initiative to develop their skills for the benefit of the patient. Continued education with an emphasis on research based therapies allows the physicians to maintain this highest level of excellence.