iStock_000049982332_MediumThose involved in the fine arts realize the taxing nature their craft can be on their body. It is extremely important to implement good habits early on to prevent such injuries, but many times fundamental postures leave the focus.  Long hours of practicing an instrument, drawing, or computer use can cause overuse conditions as well as new aches and pains.

The Music and Fine Art’s Clinic at Active Care Chiropractic & Rehabilitation can help prevent, correct, and relieve many of the conditions associated with the fine arts. A hands-on approach is established with each member of the clinic to ensure achievement of each patient’s goals. The Music and Fine Art’s Clinic can help with any of the following:

  • Increasing agility, speed, and endurance
  • Increasing breath capacity
  • Relief of common overuse conditions/relief of aches and pain

The primary care chiropractic physicians at Active Care Chiropractic & Rehabilitation understand the importance of music, art, and creativity as an emotional outlet, a hobby, or as a career.  Dr. Karm has structurally been involved in music since she was 5 when she learned to play the piano, which developed into playing the French horn and as well as the flute. Currently, she enjoys playing the flute in the Arlington Heights Community Concert Band and sharing her passion for music with other musicians.