We all know food is essential to human life.  However, food can also be a powerful tool to fight disease and inflammation that results from injury.  Dr. Karm has an extensive knowledge of  nutrition and supplementation of vitamins and minerals to help every patient to operate at his or her potential.  Whether you were diagnosed with diabetes, you have high blood pressure, a family history of cancer, or want to lose weight, Dr. Karm can guide you to fight your diseases naturally.

  • Using only pharmaceutical grade vitamins, our physicians can recommend the most potent and bioavailable vitamins to help restore and prevent any deficiencies.
  • 60 minute sessions can be scheduled accordance with your goals to ensure a solid plan is followed and goals are achieved.  As with any therapy, it is important to track objective changes.  Laboratory testing including blood work and urinalyses can be ordered by your physician to follow  progress.



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