Chiropractic care can help your body function optimally – that is, allow your body to heal and work the way it was designed to do so. Pregnancy is no exception.  During pregnancy, your body’s main focus is to create a healthy and happy baby. Chiropractic care can help through Webster Technique.

Webster Technique is a compilation of specific chiropractic adjustments and manual therapy that help to open up the mother’s pelvis to allow the developing baby the most space to grow. Regular visits for Webster Technique can prevent dystocia or abnormal positioning of the baby in the uterus and allow for an easier delivery. Later in pregnancy, Webster Technique can also be used on pregnant women who were told their baby is in a breech position to help open up the pelvis to allow the baby to get into the head-down position. This technique is safe and gentle.

What to expect:

During your visit, you will lie on a chiropractic table and Dr. Karm will analyze the pelvis and make the gentle and effective corrections to the pelvis and surrounding structures.  Dr. Karm will also review stretching and exercises to be performed outside of the office to facilitate the optimal positioning of the pelvis.  Diet and nutrition will be discussed with each patient as diet is an important component to health during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and motherhood. A few weeks before delivery, Dr. Karm will teach and review different birthing positions and maneuvers a laboring mother can perform to allow an easier delivery for the mom and baby.

For additional information about Webster Technique, to search evidenced-based research, or to find a certified Webster Technique practitioner in your area, please visit the ICPA website.